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My final render

Not sure if this is the place to post this, but it's my final render after completing the course up to now and playing around with the settings. It may be a bit bright but I'm happy enough with it. 

Thanks to Kent for going through this all step by step. I've looked at Blender once or twice over the years but never really got into it but now (or any other 3D software apart from some quick plays with C4D). I'm hoping now, with the tutorials here, to finally like the software and learn and use it. 

My concerns though are around bugs and how much it changes between versions. Even with this tutorial in 2.80 there have been a few changes with 2.81a and still some bugs. I'm going to do some character modelling, rigging and animating tutorials and then see if Blender is for me. Not sure if anyone else has any thoughts?

So, thanks Kent... I'm off to put some gold in this thing!

  • crew

    This is a great place to post your finished chest! Also the gallery if you want the broader community to see it :)

    You've done a great job; excellent realization of the course instruction. I look forward to seeing what else you create with Blender 👏

    As for the concern over bugs and differences between Blender versions: You're in good company with such concerns. Especially as teachers it makes our job difficult (impossible really) to make our entire library consistent. But as a user you'll find out that you can control when you switch versions. I often find that I get really comfortable with a certain version of Blender and stick to it for a year or so. If I want to use a specific feature of a different version I'll try it out. However I always have my "main" version of Blender in my back pocket.

    The variety of versions can certainly make it tough to learn in the beginning of your journey. But the learning curve will flatten out steadily over time. Happy Blending!

  • looks pretty good,nice work