My Treasure Chest Objects have all disappeared????

I've put all of my objects into "collections" (either WOOD or METAL). Try as I might, I cannot get anything to appear. I know I'm going to look back on this and laugh, but in the meantime I'm wasting a ton of time right-clicking the collections and enabling stuff/disabling stuff. I realize this is all part of learning (in this case, what "not to do"), but hard knocks learning sucks. Alt/Ctrl/Shift H variations are also getting me nowhere.

The Old Dog has about chewed his bone into shreds....



Okay... I don't know what I did to bring it all back. I switched from 3-D view to the image editor and back to the 3-D view and suddenly the invisible planks were present again. I've never been happier (well, I could come up with happy moments, but you know what I mean). But that doesn't explain how or why it happened. ugggg...

  • crew

    Haha - don't worry Scott.

    When you learn a lesson the hard way, it sticks ;)

  • After pondering this in the shower this morning (amazing the thought you have whilst vertically drowning), I believe I may have come up how this problem occurred. Not sure why this particular problem was still bothering me, but if it helps someone else in the future, then it was worth the worry I guess.

    Back tracking the crime scene, I realized that I was working on modeling (busting up) a single plank. Well, dummy that I am, I was in LOCAL view while working on it. I never took myself out of local view before mistakenly hiding that object (I had forgotten the exact Hiding Hotkeys). So even though all the eyeballs were lit, I was still in local view the whole time.

    My guess is when I switched the 3d viewport to a different viewport and then back again, it may have reset itself from LOCAL view and voila everything suddenly appeared.

    It's just a newbie spitballing, but that's my take on it.

    Thanks for the reply Wayne. I really need to memorize those Hiding Hotkeys lol

    Old Dog

  • crew

    I'm not sure exactly what you did but here's a couple things to check out (might help solve it in the future)

    Not saying it's the solution, but it might demystify some things.

    Invisible grey collections

    Object type visibility

    Also with hiding stuff.

    H = Hide

    Shift H = Hide everything else

    Alt H = Unhide the hidden stuff

    Ctrl H = Hide collection

    (But I love that you were just trying the combinations - that is exactly the right thing to do!)