Lighting/Shading oddity when scaling

I guess this is more of an observation than a question. As I was {ALT}+S scaling I was noticing shading errors on the surface running towards the inner splits. I then realized that I was scaling certain vertices that was causing this as I was using Edge mode to select where I was doing my "splitting".

I found that if I subsequently went back and deselected what would have been the offending verts, it solved the problem. As the the shading issues I had already created I realized that if I just picked the furthest vert in the split and the offending vert and scaled at zero to the furthest vert in the thickness direction of the plank, the problem was cleared up.

Wasn't able to pick up on how you were avoiding the problem to begin with. You certainly aren't going through the rigamarole that I am to chose where your splits lie, but I'm positive I'll eventually work it out. I'd show you the issue I was having, but I've since corrected it. lol

Loving the tut thus far.

  • crew

    I'm trying to understand exactly what you mean. Could you point me to the timestamp in the video where I'm ALT + S'ing this way?

    It kinda sounds like you had duplicate verts or something. Regardless I'm glad you figured it out and shared in case someone else runs into this. Also glad to hear you're enjoying the tut! :)