Adding geometry???

Here I thought maybe I was adding too much geometry cutting too many dents and dings. Watching the timelapse I realize I was holding back too much. Back to beat the crap out of the treasure chest :)

  • Here's what I've got so far - just tossing the computer around the room. Seems to have to dinged up the chest sufficiently. lol

    Very tedious indeed... just when you think you've got all the objects dealt with, you realize there a couple of others that are plain-Jane.

    • crew

      It can certainly be tedious. However it would be way more tedious if we were going for photorealism.

      My one note is that the rim of your chest has a lot of the smaller dings/nicks (blue) but the vertical metal bands have hardly any on the edges (pink):

      It'd be more consistent if you added some of those small dings to the bands. Keep up the good work!

    • theluthier ... I thank for you for the eye of detail (*grumble grumble grumble*) LOL

      In all seriousness, I do thank you. So I threw the computer around little more and the chest miraculously attained a bunch more dings and dents. Even gave a go at making scratches (more like grooves) where the key would be inserted, or maybe someone tried prying the lock. Finally off to making the wood planks look more woody.

      And yes, it does look more consistent. Thank you again.

    • crew

      pffsfs That's it! Much more consistent now. Trust me, I know it's bittersweet to get criticism resulting in more work but it pays off. Really nice job, Scott 👏

  • crew

    Haha well feel free to post an image and I'll tell you if I think it's too much or not enough :)