Perspective mode not zooming in all angles

Been trying to get used to deailing in "perspective" mode, but there suddenly was an angle that would not get me in any closer. Open to suggestion as to how to reset it's starting point. In the meantime, I'll go back to Orthographic mode (or maybe take a break and get some pie ala mode... while listening to a little Depeche Mode)

Thanks for any help

  • HI Scott, that is a well known problem. If zooming stops, try holding SHIFT+CTRL+Middle Mouse Button, then moving your mouse should be able to zoom in further.

    There are other things to try, but I find this the easiest and most effective.

  • crew

    pffsfs When I run into that issue I like to 'reset' my zoom by selecting mesh components within the small area I want to zoom too then hit "." on the numpad to  frame selected. You can also do this from View > Frame Selected.

  • Thank you both for the responses. I shall endeavor to try those in the future. Just happily plugging along through the treasure chest tut Arrrrrrrrr. You're right theluthier, adding details is tedious work - but rewarding in the end me-hopes. Just trying to work around the mirroring effect of details on the outer rings on the top of the chest. I suppose I could apply the mirror modifier, but I'm loathe to do so this early into the project.

    Thanks again gents