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Using images of houses or blueprints as references for modeling

Hi Jonathan,

I did the model using the concept are from the exercise/ watching your vids but i wanted to do another one for practice .  Do you have any suggestions on where to get architectural images for use for art .  I've been researching the creative commons /public domain  license stuff but wanted to get your thoughts/suggestions on finding good images/blueprints for this purpose w/o violating copyrights or stealing anyone's work.   Also, do you know of any articles that talk about using others art /images as reference/inspiration w/o stealing them and where the line is?  



ps - I know to always give credit to whoever created the image & get permission from owner/creator  appropriate to license type  but with architectural stuff it seems to be a little trickier than regular art.  Just looking for more resources/info as you probably have more experience with all this.