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Coins animation


I did the previous tutorial and in my timeline (animation) there is still the animation of the coins falling into the chest. How do I set the coins already in chest as first frame, so there is no animation left and I can start a new animation? Thanks

  • hi, 

    1. click or box select all the keys you want to delete, and delete with x, like you delete anywhere else.

    2. then click on the remaining key  frame and use gx to move it where you want

    3. I haven't done this animation so, if there is other animation on the remaining key frame that you want to delete (ie lid), then  use the drop down on the left side of the timeline and you can delete the animation on just those parts.

    Don't know how clear this is, but hope it helped.

  • crew

    Tanya's advice is good but not quite applicable since I didn't show how to bake the simulation to keyframes in the course. In this case you'll want to:

    1. Choose a frame toward the end of the simulation (once the coins are resting inside the chest as desired).
    2. Select all coins (should be easy by right clicking on the collection in the outliner)
    3. Go to Object > Rigid Body > Apply Transformation
    4. Then Object > Rigid Body > Remove

    This will leave you in the proper state to follow this tutorial: Static coins resting inside the chest ready to be exploded out.