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How to Download Videos if we are Citizen Members?

I have been a Citizen Member now for a few months.  I like the content, especially the Treasure Chest tutorial series.  I thought I could download the videos I liked,  as I did,  when I first joined.    I can't find a  "Download Button", under the "Share" option in the bottom right of the video player.   Please advise.  Thanks.

  • ssebduq95  Sometimes when I load a video the "simple" version seems to load and it does not have the "Share" button. (This appears to happen on more than one browser). I force the webpage to reload (sometimes it takes more than once to do the trick). Then it figures itself out and I get to see the share button.

    Don't forget the reference content as well which shows up below the video usually as a zip file.

  • Thanks for getting back to me Jgonzalez...

    I sent an email to the support email for CGCookie. Apparently, someone messed up and didn't add my account as a Citizen, but more like a "Trial Membership" . It seems to have been corrected.

    Funny though, b/c I have been billed and paid$29.00 per month, since Feb of this year.... I guess I fell through the "cracks".  

  • crew

    Like others have mentioned, make sure you click the cloud icon which will open up a drop down below the video to show the project files. I looked at your account and you do have access to the videos and project files. Downloading the videos is a little bit different as you'll need to download that through the video player options:

    Click the icon with the arrow and you'll see a pop up appear to download that video. If you have issues let us know. 

  • ssebduq95 be sure and click the orange help button down below, bottom right,  There might be a problem with your specific

    login account.  They will be able to help you.   I was able to click the share download and see the download option.  

  • That's strange, as I just went to check the videos in that course. Clicking on the share button reveals the download button.