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Chest top's sides could have been vertex snap scaled

At the 24:00 mark when we're scaling the sides of the chest's top so that they no longer intersect with our recently thickened boards, instead of eyeballing the scaling, vertex snapping could have been used, and any one of the vertices around the top could have been used for the scaling.

I'm just learning Blender, but I came from fusion360 where everything is parametric, exact numbers, etc, so if I can make something as perfectly aligned as possible, I'm going to do it. :P

  • bbkid 

    That's all very well, but with the wooden planks of an old treasure chest you can be sure that they are not perfectly aligned;)

    In general, in CG, a bit of imperfection is a good thing...

  • crew

    I totally relate to the tension between perfection and imperfection. Naturally I tend toward perfection but over the years I've tried to train myself toward imperfection. Of course this varies according to the thing being modeled, as in modeling a car engine will be far more precise than modeling a stylized treasure chest.

    Still vertex snapping can certainly be utilized in imperfect modeling!