Kurt Kellner (kurt_ek)

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Podcast version

Hi! Would you guys consider posting this as an audio podcast? I just listened to the whole video while working and it was awesome :D

  • I listen to podcasts at work as well.  There are very limited podcasts on Modeling/Sculpting/etc. Blender Cookie podcast would be really cool.

  • crew

    Hey Kurt, so I'm glad you enjoyed just listening to it! If we had more audio focused streams we could definitely consider it, but as it is we have very little content that isn't totally dependent on visuals. I'll definitely be keeping the thought in mind though if we start doing more interviews and such. 

  • Thank you for the reply! :D

    Actually I wasn't really thinking about you guys making even more content. Just taking the MP3 from the live streams and uploading it as a Podcast or just leaving a download link on the page.

    I'm aware the content you guys work on is 99% visual so it'd just give us a nice way to listen to it and then actually check the video out. Just a thought, that's all :) I don't wanna sound pushy or something :)