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[CGC Challenge #2] Submissions Page


The winners are announced!

July 29th: That's a wrap! Submissions are now closed, but you can still vote on your favorites until next Friday ❤️

This beautiful cover art is made by Vehicle Wizard dostovel ❤️




Just drop at least one WIP picture and your finished image in the comments of this forum thread before the deadline hits. 


⏰ This challenge ends in 4 weeks on Sunday July 28th at Midnight.


(We have many different time zones in our community, so as a rule of thumb just stick with whenever it's midnight in your time zone 😊)


To keep this page easy for the judges to browse through, we kindly ask you to only post your final entry here and to refrain from leaving any other comments. If you want you can join our conversation on the Challenge Page and share your thoughts with us over there. 

Thank you so much! 😇🙇



One awesome entry will be rewarded with the Community Award, a great honor, and you guys will decide who that lucky person will be! Use the love button at the bottom of each entry post to vote on your favorites. The entry that gets the most love will be the winner and takes home 40XP. 1st (100XP), 2nd (80XP) and 3rd (60XP) place will be decided by the judge panel. 

May the best Cookie win 😎🏆


Hop over to the Challenge Page to find everything you need! 🚀

  • THis is Apache Military Chopper, modeled in Blender v2.79 but UV shaped and textured in Maya 2019 too! 



  • Timelapse modeling

    Final image:

  • Chevrolet Camaro Chevy RS 2009:

    Modelled in Blender 2.79.

    Rendered with Cycles.



  •  WIP shots:

    More WIP shots can be found in my polybook

    Final Submission:

    Starship Enterprise

    Modeled and shaded with Blender 2.8, Eevee/Cycles composite

  • WIP shots :


    Final render :


  • Flintstones car

    Modeled with Blender, textured with Substance Painter, rendered with Cycles.

    After sculpting

    First test render with textures

    Final render

  • Off-road skateboard

    Blender 2.19, Cycles


    Modeling suspension


    Final render

  • WIP:


  • Helirescue vehicle


    Since this was gam asset, took it to ue4, so this goes under WIP

    and then whole wip thread 

  • "Okay, I got the documents and he picked me up, it all good?"

    The serene calm of a dusky evening was only interrupted by the purr of the car's engine as it drove merrily along. Despite what the soon to be wanted criminal held in his hands, there was an almost impenetrable sense of peace instilled by the quietness of a slumbering civilization that made him feel invisible to so called justice. His radio crackled to life,

    "Good work rookie," a seasoned, grizzled voice responded, "You might wanna strap yourself in though, they'll be on you two any minute now."

    As soon as the feedback from the radio died down, the once silent world was interrupted by the harrowing whir of sirens. Two, three... four? It was hard to tell, but due to him being only a small part of a greater whole, it was slightly reassuring to note that they wouldn't be gunning solely for him. He caressed the document in his hands, the word "Classified" written in bold red letters giving him a sense of empowerment that he had never felt before,

    "Hey, driver man, how many of us grabbed stuff like this? Seems half the town is in on this action," the rookie asked in an almost condescending tone. The disgruntled driver tilted his head slightly to signify acknowledgement, but returned to his default position in what seemed like contempt.

    "Uhh, hello?" He insisted,

    "Ha, you can really tell he's the new guy huh?" A bubbly voice chimed in from the radio, "Don't worry about him, rookie. You may only see the back of his head but he knows his way around a car, that's all you need to know."

    The sirens were getting closer and speed was picking up. It wasn't long before a Justice Enforcement Pacifier - though the people around here call them "Jump Jeps" or variants of - was hot on their tail. The rookie noticed the taxi driver flip a switch on the dashboard, and with it he could start to hear a faint whirring noise. Before he could begin to ponder on its origin, the whir spiraled into a ferocious roar, as the retro-fitted jump jet built into the back of the vehicle came to life and sent them to speeds that in the olden days would be used to test astronauts for suitability. The rookie began to scream, partly due to excitement, but mostly due to shock. It was only due to a fear of passing out did he stop, and only then did did he hear the mature voice on the radio return,

    "You're gonna be in for quite a ride, rookie! Learn to enjoy it, after all, you're in good hands."

    Well this has been quite the ride (hehehe)! Glad to see it done but I'll probably make some tweaks when I finish it for real. Good luck everyone!

    And of course, some WIPs:

  • WoW! I am very impressed from the posts above!

    I hope you also like my final result :) I like it, and have improved my skills a lot! I started a bit late and so my time is over, but the next challenge I will start earlier!



  • Well, I have debated with myself (I know...) whether to post or not but I want to have something on the plate rather than nothing (forgive the food pun) even if it does look a tad disheartening especially since I'm posting after all these amazing stuff *sigh*. Sorry guys, hehe... 

    I cannot do close to a decent job, texturing, lighting and rendering in under a couple of hours, I'm not that good. Anyway, I'll have everything completed by the end of this month, but for now...

    Forgive the sloppy look *hides face*... Ah man, I sure do have a lot to learn about lighting (and other stuff...)!

  • Final Render

    Well I ran out of time. This is my attempt at recreating Darkside. Only rendered in the viewport MatCap Render Haha. 

    Link to WIP


  • cciku-karugi blanchsb hello fellow Cookies! Awesome that you participated, you’ve challenged yourself and I think that’s great 😊

    However, I hate to be strict but rules are rules.. and the challenge rules state you have to provide at least one WIP picture as well as a final render. So I’m saddened to say your entries aren’t eligible for the judging process..

    But the most important thing imo is you tried it! I hope you had fun and maybe learned a thing or two 😊

    If you have any response to this message, please do so in the main thread. I’m only leaving this message here so the judges can see it when they start judging.

    Cheers and have an awesome day!

  • That's a wrap! Submissions are now closed. Let the judging begin :)