Kaj Suominen (louhikarme)

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[WIP] CGC Challenge #2 - Vehicles - Kaj Suominen

Search and rescue hovercraft (concept for future rescue craft that would replace helicopter)

Design key features:

  1. two man piloted
  2. patient platform similar to helicopters
  3. two rotor/turbine front, one back
  4. functional
  5. no crazy details that don't make sense

First week: concept, highpoly and if time lowpoly

Second week: lowpoly,texturing

third week: scene build in ue4


flying inside a ravine

edit on July 4th: ps. following is after i've done few evenings work and realised few things that above might be too vague.

So as design briefs go, above really, one of the worst you could get as a artist, granted I have reference pics gathered awell, and the fact that i had and idea in my head. what i actually failed to do is write it up as a more describing manner.

So what i should have also added: Combine whale like appearance with angular surfaces, with tail like scorpion.

Still vague, though it would tell more on someone else bit more on what i'm seeing in my head.