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CGC Challenge Juli 2019, Vehicle WIP

After (or actually still during) Jonathan's 30 Days of Modelling, There are two major things I learned that will be helpful in this months challenge:

Not to feel so pressured to get things perfect.

And to speed up;)

So, I am still doing the 30 Days, but finished today's entry. Decided to get started (is that too early?) and, although I won't be able to design a vehicle from scratch (at least not in one month!), I will try and give it something of a personal touch.

I am going for a sort of insect-based flying machine, thinking of 'Lexx' (those 'little bug flyers').

Here is my first block out, using (sometimes slightly modified )primitives:

The idea is, to first get the basic shape this way and then retopologize...

  • The last few days I didn't make much progress.

    Did some work on the interior of the head, but as this won't be seen mostly, I started finishing the exterior, so that I hopefully have something to bring into the critiques...

    Been spending time on the legs today and that was not as easy as I thought.

    Got the top working now:

    I will try and finish them tomorrow and get some basic shading on the model. Then a render and submitting it on Sunday.

    Then I'll see what can still be done next week (won't be able to get everything perfect, but let's see how it goes...)

  • I'll call the modelling done for now (at least until submitting it on Sunday...).

    Tomorrow I'll place them in position and start shading everything.

    Should get a basic scene ready by Sunday.

    Here are some screenshots of what I achieved today:

    Hope you like them;)

  • Here's what I submitted for the critiques:

  • Played around with different camera angle and lighting.

    And this is what came out of it:

    The next two days are for the last details and some small changes and fixes (if I'm lucky there will still be some time left to do some texturing on the surface, so it won't look so uniform and clean),  but then I'll have to call it final and render it out.

    I could easily spend another month on this, but there is a deadline, so, ready or not, it'll just have to do;)

  • That's it, my last post here. Time's up. This 'll have to do.

    I'm rendering one more image, flying (which will probably take all night, because of the motion blur..).

    Then tomorrow make some simple background for this one, composite and submit it.

    No matter what, it was fun!

    Also, I'm glad I'm not on the jury; they won't have an easy task, with all these great submissions...