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[CGC Challenge #2] Vehicles


The winners are announced!



Hi everyone, I'm honored to announce the second CG Cookie Community Challenge. It's going to be a blast!  🔥🔥


On this Challenge Page you'll find everything you need to know about this Community Challenge. Feel free to use this forum thread to ask questions, seek advice, look for feedback, or to just hang out and talk about Blender and cookies. Everyone is welcome to join the conversation! 😃


Showing work in progress (WIP) is highly encouraged! We would love to see what you're working on. Also, receiving (and giving) peer feedback is one of the best ways to improve your skills! 

Create your very own WIP thread on the forum, post your WIP in your Polybooks or share your work here in the comments below. I’ll be around this month to answer questions and to give feedback for those who want it 😊.


On social media use #cgcookiechallenge so we can check out what awesome things you guys are up to!


This beautiful cover art is made by Vehicle Wizard dostovel ❤️




You guys voted and the winning topic is vehicles. We challenge you to create the most awesome vehicle you can! (examples a bit further down below)




It's a great way to practice and hone your CG skills, fill up your portfolio, learn something new, hang out with like minded people, and most importantly to have some good ol' fun!! 😄 oh and let's not forget the XP and eternal bragging rights if you win 😉




✅ Create an awesome vehicle! And we mean vehicle in the broadest sense of the word (you can model a car, motorcycle, spaceship, train, tank, bicycle with training wheels, and so on).

✅ Render your vehicle with either Cycles or Eevee, the choice is yours.

✅ Use Blender for modeling, since it's a Blender kinda challenge 😉 add-ons are allowed, they are for Blender after all!

✅ You can use whatever software you want for texturing & shading (like Blender, Substance or Photoshop) and you can use whatever textures you would like to use.

✅ Using an image or HDRI as a background is allowed.

✅ Post processing with the compositor is 100% an awesome idea! It's part of Blender so go wild 😎 As for other software (like Photoshop, Gimp, or Krita), it's allowed if kept to a minimum. Some firefly removal, sharpening or basic color correction is okay. No drastic changes though, your render should still look like what you made with Blender.

✅ Whether you are just starting out or you're an experienced Blender-head, all skill levels are welcome! We're all in it to improve our CG skills 😄 Everyone with a CG Cookie account can enter this challenge (grab a membership or get a free account if you don't have one yet). 

✅ One entry only. And it has to be a still render, no animations for this one. Give it your one best shot 👊😎

❌ No old work or 3D models created by other people. Your scene should be brand new and made by you. It's a challenge after all, let's get those creative juices flowing and start stretching your CG muscles. You got this! 👍




There's a separate Challenge Submissions Page. Just drop at least one WIP picture and your finished image in the comments of that forum thread before the deadline hits. 




Participants of this Community Challenge, listen up! We believe in sharing WIP and we are convinced that feedback is one of the best ways to improve your CG Skills! So with that in mind we’ve organized a Live Critique Stream to help you improve your Challenge Entry 😄

The stream will be held on Tuesday July 23rd by the amazing Jonathan Lampel and Jonathan Williamson! Please keep in mind, we can do about 12-15 critiques in the two-hour stream slot. If we get many more than that, we may pick submissions that have the most widely applicable feedback.

How to enter your work for Live Critique:

  • Post an image of your Vehicle Project in this forum thread with the title Live Critique Submission.

    • Optionally, if you have multiple images, create a project on your gallery page and then post a link to it here.

  • IMPORTANT: Please provide context for the project with a description that gives us an idea of what you're trying to achieve.

    • "I'm going for realism but something feels off and but I don't know what..."

    • "I'd like to match the style of ______. What should I do to get there?"

  • The deadline for submitting is Sunday July 21st.







🍪 New to hard surface modeling? Check out the Mesh Modeling Bootcamp and Introduction to Hard Surface Modeling courses to get your fundamental skill set up to speed in no time. We also recommend watching the first live-stream of the 2018 Vehicle Class (hard surface primer), which is a great place to brush up on you hard surface modeling skills!

🍪 Are you an Intermediate / Advanced Blender-head looking for some more in-depth courses? You’ll probably enjoy the  Modeling a Post Apocalyptic Vehicle  and  Modeling a Motorcycle  courses. 

🍪 Are you more into modeling for games? Great! Because games need vehicles too 😎 this super fun Creating Mini Tanks for a Mobile Game course might be right up your alley.

🍪 Still can’t get enough of vehicles? Then be sure to watch the Vehicle Exterior Modeling and Vehicle Interior Modeling live-streams. And if Eevee is your render engine of choice, or if you want to learn more about vehicle presentation, then you might also want to check out the Vehicle Shading & Lighting with Eevee live-stream.

🍪 All types of vehicles are welcome, but if you're unsure about something just ask your questions in the comments below. 


The CG Cookie gallery is a great place to find inspiration, there's amazing art to be found! Here are some vehicle artworks for you to enjoy:


Toyota Vitz Repair Bay by dostovel

Concept Car Render by dostovel

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 by pavka

The Lunar Jungle by cclayton95

SL 500 2006 by pavka

Emgrand 7 facelift concept by ppilot

Jeep Wrangler by prashan

Ford Mustang 1964 by jjamesobrien




⏰ This challenge ends in 4 weeks on Sunday July 28th at Midnight.


(We have many different time zones in our community, so as a rule of thumb just stick with whenever it's midnight in your time zone 😊)




  • Nice to see another challenge!  Now, do I join or not... looks at old Challenger half done...

    Good luck to everyone who challenges themselves!  Work hard and learn lots!

  • Vehicles are just the thing I feel like modeling today!

  • crew

    Oh man I was going to work on vehicles for my own portfolio in July, how did you know? I was planning on creating a few vehicles from the various vehicle courses we offer here. So I may hone in on one and spend the 21 days on it.

    • jgonzalez we are all psychic 😉 love to see what you can do so you should definitely join the fun! And start a polybook or WIP thread so we can give you feedback along the way 😎👍🏻I’m planning on joining in and modeling a vehicle too, it will be my first 😬

  • Vehicles you say? All types, does that include future sci-fi thingalings aswell? :)

  • Awesome! After completing the hard surface modeling plane, I was thinking about making a small narrow gauge railway locomotive in the same style. The challenge should get me working on that.

  • Yeap! I am in! Even if I am using Autodesk Maya 2019 at this moment, I can still do this challenge :) 

    The most important thing is about the final work or WIP in rendering, both Maya and Blender are 3D software at all :) 

    I will keep you update

  • Looking forward to seeing everyone's' entries. This should be a good subject.

    Would love to enter myself, but the time I can devote to Blender is really limited. As such, I am never able to enter anything with a time limit unfortunately.

  • Hello there. How much can we take inspiration from paintings references, or comics? 

    • ootowa Using reference is important, so use as much reference images for inspiration as needed :) you can even use a concept/blueprint and reproduce that in 3D, but be sure to check if you can use it (check the license) and be sure to credit the person who made it when the license tells you to. Good luck!

  • "The deadline for submitting is Sunday July 21st."

    Please tell me this is incorrect and the correct one is the 28th, from the submission page... ^^'

  • Haha, apparently I can't read. Thanks! 

  • Hey everyone, just a little heads up: the deadline for submitting your artwork for the Live Critique Stream for Participants in the CGC Challenge is next Sunday.

    • ssmurfmier1985 Is this supposed to be very close to the final image?

    • ootowa You can submit it in any state. However, while it doesn’t have to be finished, it would be better if there’s enough to give feedback on. 

      With that I mean, if you submit a half finished model (like a car with just half parts done) then the instructors can only give you a few small remarks. But if your modeling is finished, and even better you have your base materials/textures applied, they can advice you on how to take it to the next level. And if you’ve also got a basic composition and light setup going on, and maybe added some details like wear and tear, then they can really dig into it!

      The more finished it is, the more valuable their notes will be. Hope this makes sense.

  • started to work onto it.
    been blocking out but i forgot some things .

    how do i get the small render scene in a corner? i forgot how to turn on the constant render option.

    Are we allowed to post our progress here or better in our own thread ?

  • Live Critique Submission

    The first idea was to get as close to realism as possible. After blocking out the shapes and the first few times spent on the project I realized that is not going to be the case with my current sculpting skills and this deadline. It started lean towards stylized (at least that's how I see it) and that's when I just stopped worrying and tried to enjoy myself. It would be nice to hear some notes about the overall design and the details of the sticks, wood and rock. Does the model read well? Would it be better to try to make it more realistic or maybe go overboard with the stylizing? Are the materials recognized as rock and wood? That's the most of the things that are top of my mind at the moment. And as always, if there are anything that caches your eye, I would be more than happy to hear any critique you are willing to give. Thanks!

    And yeah. The fabrick/leather roof and "back window" are under construction. Basically all they are for now is tweaked planes with cloth sim and a wrinkle normal map.

    EDIT. That's all I have for the critique request. Rest of the text is just something I wrote about the process in the first post.


    Sculpted, retopologized and normals baked. Next is some more learning in Substance Painter that I finally started figuring out few weeks ago. 

    I'm not a big fan of cars, motorcycles, airplanes, trains or other vehicles, though I like traveling and enjoy driving motorcycle for example, but never been interested in such things. Seeing the given topic gave me some what of a cold sweat but of course I had to give it a go. These are CHALLENGES after all.

    It's funny to think that even if I'm not a fan of vehicles and sculpting is never my first chosen approach, I still ended up with a subject that includes sculpting and, of course, is a vehicle. It has been delightful process this far and I remember enjoying the vehicle sculpting part of Kent's vehicle class from last year. It must have been the spark that helped me when picking the subject.

    PS. I'm really sorry if people start hearing Flintstones theme in their head after these pictures. It have happened to me constantly after the researching for reference images started and it still happens occasionally when continuing the project or thinking about it 😂

    • swikni looks awesome so far Jere! Very organic, I love it 😊 And I do hear the theme, as well as the trampling feet when they take off 

      ( Btw if this is a Live Critique submission then you should add the title )

  • For what time zone is the "8pm"of the livestream?

    Is there a way to see a replay of it afterwards?

  • Livre critique submission

    After some hesitation, I decided to go to a "realistic" luxury "Hover-car". I did the biggest mistake of all and didn't use enough reference image for starting (well...none to be fair), and that resulted in a lot of trouble for size and proportions of basically everything. 

    The other problem is that, having started maybe even by directly copying an actual luxury car would have helped be increasing the level detail on the front of the car, which is pretty bland in the end...

    Another issue is the detail level : I did areation grids with way too small details that can't be seen in the final render. 

    It's still WIP, and needs some extra modeling. Namely the door interior and polishing the global interior. 

    I'm not very happy with it, but I'm still proud that my first project after following the first part of hard surface modeling tutorial went out pretty decent. (I would have never been able to get even close to that a few weeks ago).

    As for the scene, I went for a simple car reveal showroom. 

    Link to the gallery: 

  • Critique for live submission

    i'll have more pics in the wip thread coming , but this is going to be the money shot hopefully. i have scene built in ue4 so i can change things quite drastically even. also this is lacking rigging. so all the things still in their default places. 

    basically idea is to show this futuristic rescue helicopter landing on  some god forsaken place near some tents.

    what i'm aiming is believeability, realism sure, but more that when you see, you go "oh yeah, i can buy that".

  • Live Critique Submission

    Still a WIP. The legs need to be rigged, so that I can pose them The wings need to be more rounded to better fit with the rest.

    What I mostly (but not only) would like to know is if the composition is okay.

    I know there are still a lot of modelling problems, but I won't be able to fix everything, so I would like it if you could tell me what you think that needs to be changed, because I've been looking at it too long, so I can't really judge what is most important;)

    The overall design can't be changed anymore, but feel free to comment on that as well. (Small changes might even still be possible...)

    I was thinking of the moth shuttle from the late 90's sci-fi series 'LEXX' (couldn't find any halfway decent pictures of it to show here, sorry), but then a bee and not organic, but mechanical.

    Here is my WIP thread if needed:

    Thanks in advance Jonathan & Jonathan!

  • Live Critique Submission

    Hope this isn't too late, but despite my scene still needing a lot of work I thought I'd give it a shot.

    Got the main scene and composition done. Been working on the textures as you can see but a lot of it still isn't finished, along with stuff like particle effects and motion blur. Going for a slightly stylized look and hoping I'm going in the right direction. Mostly looking for critiques on my materials/shaders/textures and the general composition but anything you feel you think will improve what's going on would be very much appreciated. Been doing Blender for about a year and a half now and I feel this could be gearing up to be my best scene yet, at least I hope so, but I'll let you all be the judge of that. Thanks in advance!

    I'm also currently rendering a couple more scenes related to this and I'll update this post with a link to my polybook if you'd like some more things to go on.

    UPDATE: Renders are finished, here's the link.

  • Live Critique Submission

    Hoping I'm not late, but here it is.

    My original idea was to have it be a series of tests the dummy was going to do on the hot rod wheel chair. At some point in the process I ended up making it at a park. The main thing I'm not sure what to do is how to make it look like a dummy, or if I want it to be a dummy.

    I don't know if I'll make it to the live stream. I haven't had a lot of time recently. I'm surprised I got as far as I did on this. Please forgive the noise, I didn't have time to get it denoised.

  • This is taking me some courage to upload :\ (It's kind of private)