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Grass applied with particle system

Hi guys, this is a test related to a castle historic reconstruction with Blender 2.8. My problem: the grass particle system applied with a weight paint tecnique, seems affect also areas I've not paint! How to fix the problem?  

Thank you.

  • Hello Federico, that usually happens when you use Interpolated Children. I can't tell if that is the case here, but what happens is that if you have one particle on the right and one particle on the left, then the interpolation makes particles in between them, so in the middle, where you might not want them;)

    Further, if you are using a non-moving Camera, you can remove the particles outside the Camera View ( by weight painting those areas blue).

    • spikeyxxx 

      Hi spikeyxxx, interesting. I try to remove interpolation, but the problem seems not solved. Is there another way to particle a grass field only in the areas I desire the grass?

      Thank you


    • ffedericoviolin Well, what you could do is, make several particle systems, one for each land/island. That way, they won't interfere with each other.

      Another thing is to use more contrast between where there is grass and where there is no grass: when weight painting use red for full grass and blue for no grass. I saw, that you didn't use any red in your weights. You then easily lower the influence of the weight of necessary.

      Don't worry, particles take time to learn, they are not always intuitive, but they are great fun and once you get the hang of it, you'll be using them all the time.