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Vote on the next Community Challenge topic!


Hi everyone!

The first CG Cookie Challenge was a blast, but for the next couple ones I want to ask your help 😊 As you know these challenges are run for the community, by the community. So you guys get to have a say!

I would like to represent as many facets of CG as possible with these Community Challenges, to make sure that throughout the year there is always something for everyone to like. And with that in mind I've designed these main categories for the seasons of the year:


CG Cookie Surprise Topic (which was the Eevee vs Cycles Challenge)


Modeling and such (modeling & texturing, lighting, shader creation, grease pencil, simulations, etc.)


Halloween (spooky stuff!)


Animation (let's make things move)

I have made a list with a huge amount of topic ideas for each season, but you guys ultimately decide which one we'll do for the summer / fall / winter. So what are you waiting for? Cast your votes for the Summer Challenge Topic!

This link will take you to the voting form. 

You can cast your votes until Sunday, after that I’ll start the preparations for the next challenge 😎

I'm always open for suggestions, so if you have any cool topic ideas that aren’t on the list just share them in the comments below. Who knows, maybe you'll see them appear on the next voting list 😉

Thanks for reading this post and for your votes, highly appreciate it! Have an awesome week everyone 😄