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30 Days of Modeling

Becoming great at anything requires constant practice and that is especially true with 3d modeling. If you're here it's probably because you want to become a better digital artist. I myself want to improve my 3d modeling and texturing skills and that means I need to model a ton in order to become better.

Building a consistent habit is the path to becoming great and with that I wanted to provide a challenge to anyone else here who wants to join me. The challenge will be to model one new 3d model daily for 30 days. 

The goal of this is not to create  amazingly realistic models, but to get you practicing your modeling skills daily. You are not competing with anyone here but yourself.

Each day this post will be updated with the object to model based on that week. Below are the rules and guidelines to make this more interesting:


To make this more interesting, every week will focus on one theme. Each theme will represent a set of 7 objects that are relatively easy to model, but each have unique elements to them to challenge you in different ways. 

The themes for the next 4 weeks include: Home, Weapons, Props, Nature


  • All models must be completed by you. While we do teach Blender here, you are free to use any software you want for modeling and texturing. (Sculpting is allowed)
  • Do not include models you've previously created, while we can't verify this, remember that this is meant to install a habit of daily modeling practice. 
  • Only post a model for that day, don't try to "catch up". If you miss a day, then pick it up the next day


Post a rendered image of your completed model. While texturing won't be required, it is highly encouraged. 

HOME (June 1 - June 7)

For this week we'll focus on objects found around the home. Typically these objects are relatively easy to model and reference. You are free to get as creative as you want with these as long as you modeling what is requested for that day.

June 1 - Sofa

June 2 - Lamp

June 3 - Book Shelf

June 4 - Coffee Table

June 5 - Lounge Chair

June 6 - Shag Rug

June 7 - Floor Speakers

Week 1 is Done! Congrats on making it through the first week of this modeling challenge. On to week 2.

WEAPONS (June 8 - June 14)

For this week we'll focus on creating hand held weapons. Think melee weapons. These usually have a mixture of primitive and complex shapes. You may use sculpting during these models, and some may actually require it to achieve the look you want. 

June 8 - Axe

June 9 - Combat Knife

June 10 - Spear

June 11 - Shuriken

June 12 - Spiked Bat

June 13 - Sickle

June 14 - Nunchucks

PROPS (June 15 - June 21)

This week will be focused on props you might commonly see in games or background scenes. These can be reused to add "filler" to an environment. These props mostly reside outside.

June 15 - Barrels

June 16 - Tires

June 17 - Filled Trash Bags

June 18 - Concrete Barrier

June 19 - Shipping Container

June 20 - Dumpster

June 21 - No Object

June 22 - No Object


This week will be focused on organic plants and objects you'd find out in nature. Think of these as natural props.

June 23 - Grass Clumps

June 24 - Rocks

June 25 - Flowers

June 26 - Bushes

June 27 - Hollow Log

June 28 - Vines

June 29 - Trees


This officially ends the challenge, technically it's 29 days but we have another challenge starting up on Monday so use Sunday as a way to gather reference photos and start your next modeling challenge with vehicles!

Thank you for everyone that participated in this challenge. Some objects were easy, others were challenging and I hope you learned some new tips and techniques. This challenge was about keeping a habit going and learning some new techniques and use different tools to create something you may not have otherwise. It was great seeing all the new renders on a daily basis. Good or bad, you've created something and that's what matters. See you all in the next challenge!

  • I'm back and finding this quite hard for one day;)

    You'd think this is simple modelling, but there is so much detail to take care of, nothing hard, but just a lot...

    Btw, I noticed, I missed out on some really interesting dailies (I like the garbage bag!), I'll have to try them after this month.

    No time left for texturing and shading and lighting, so just something basic:

  • This took me longer than I expected!!! 

    I'm kinda pleased with how it turned out though it needs some tweaking.

  • crew

    Tried something a bit different this time. Modeling wise this was the easiest although I did utilize the proper scale for this. 

    Essentially this is just a few textures applied to specific faces. Took me a while to properly line things up but it came out great. Would be useful as a low poly prop in a game. This is just 6 faces in total.

  • Uhhh this was so much more difficult to model than I thought

  • The unkown world of dumpsters.
    I didn`t know there are so many different. But all of them have a lot of details.
    And so my time was running.
    Once again: it needs more tweaking and the topology needs to be clearer.

  • My dumpster: I tried not to overuse vertices in this one (I have noticed that I have a tendency of using them even when they don't serve any purpose in a mesh). I also tried to have a clean mesh (no messy stuff in there lol), I rarely have this but I am pleased with today's result on both of these counts.

  • I also didn't know there were so many types of dumpsters.  Like usual still things that aren't correct, but there is always tomorrows challenge.  

  • I also struggled with this one. So much (functional ) detail to model!

    Normally I would have spend at least two days modelling and another day texturing and shading ( and don't get me starting on lighting, which is one of my weak points!).

    Being a perfectionist, I would never think of posting something like this, but that is what is so great about these exercises; you must deliver daily.

  • crew

    So unfortunately I will be away from my computer and thus Blender for the next few days so I will have to skip a few models this week. That said I did update the original post in case I'm unable to update them while I'm away. I realized that next week is the last week but we still have a few days left in the month. Might be a fun few days to toss in some random objects to model to finish off the month. 

  • spikeyxxx amazing dumpster and talk about not allowing perfection for this challenge got me off my duff and I made a dumpster. Trying something new with the background.

    • train30 Thank you so much!

      One problem with perfectionism is, the longer you work on something, the more you see things that are wrong with it.

      Basically you'll never finish....

  • As there is no 'mission' for today, I decided to do the ones I missed. Starting with the garbage bag, because that sounded so much fun not a lot of 'hand modelling', mostly just playing with the settings of a Cloth Sim....

  • Today I decided to give day 18 a try:

  • crew

    Apologies for not updating the last few days. I had published those days ahead of time, the 21st was supposed to be a lamp post and the 22nd was supposed to be the start of the vegetation with grass clumps. I suppose the post didn't save in time and I closed out the browser. Nonetheless this kind of works as as there are two additional days in this month that would have been left over. So I'm starting this week on the 23rd.

  • Thank you so much for this great idea.
    I have had a lot of fun and learned a lot in the last 3 weeks. It also was very inspiring for me.
    This last week I can't participate any more.

    Great compliments to all. Excellent renders were shown here.
    I wish everyone a lot of fun for the last week.

    • mmonaloren I'm sorry to hear that, you have noticeably improved over these weeks. Hope you can join next '30 Days of...'

      Thank you for participating and all the best to you!

  • Am I really the first to post the result for today?

    Thanks again Jonathan, these dailies  are so much fun!

  • These look more like corn plants to me,   I'd like to thank Johnathan for doing this too, definitely trying to make things I never would have.  

  • crew

    Getting late in the day so I'm posting what I have. 

    The background environment I'm working on. Probably should've gone for something a bit thicker but it works. The method I used was to essentially trace out a background image texture then use the texture onto the plane. I moved some vertices around to create a bend in certain areas so it's not perfectly flat. 

  • Quick and dirty rocks 

  • My grass clumps (so late in posting!)... my particle system was giving me trouble so I just modelled a plane, duplicated it and then positioned them. The ground and the grass colours do not look realistic, eh...

  • rock attempt, didn't sculpt used modifiers some materials were procedural some used textures from