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CGC Challenge #1 WIP: "Suzanne rocks!"

A basic set-up for my idea. Still a lot of work to be done, especially on the environment, because that is way too boring. Also I will try and put Kent, being awestruck by the size of Suzanne (he will understand..), next to one of the statues.

I go for Cycles, mostly because I am more comfortable with it. And scenes like this with micro-displacement using adaptive subdivision, well Eevee just isn't ready for that (yet).

  • spikeyxxx whoohoo a WIP thread! It reminds me of Easter Island statues :) looking forward to seeing this one evolve, good luck Spikey!

  • This one comes with a TIP!

    So today, I've been working on the environment and I didn't get very far. It took me forever to get the statues to be buried in the ground in stead of just penetrating it. I knew how to do it from the start, but to get it right takes a lot of experimenting. It's not perfect yet, but it's getting there. It will be covered in grass, so it won't be that noticeable, but I want the foundation to be right, because otherwise everything might come tumbling down...

    Now here's the little tip:

    if you have a large scene and want to use photo textures on the ground, you'll need to scale down the texture and, even though the texture might be seamless, you will see the repetition.

    This is what I do:

    I use two (or more) similar looking ground textures and mix them using a procedural texture ( I like Musgrave for cases like this).

    No tiling and no repetition...

    These are by the way not the textures I am going to use, because they are too low quality, but I just use them for testing;)

  • Great tip thanks for sharing that Spikey! Also, that's a great idea for a scene and it's coming along nicely

  • Another day and another step closer.

    I think, this is sort of what I'm going for.

    Next, I'll try and 'make' Kent (Trammel, not Clarke). and then it's all going to be about making everything final.

    There are still a lot of things that need love, but this is how I work, I like to see what things are going to look like, so as to keep being stimulated.

    Probably not the most effective workflow, but that's me;)

    I'm wondering already if the statues shouldn't be more squared, but that's something that needs to be addressed after Kent is standing posed in the scene.

    I'm not good at characters, so this is going to be the real challenge for me!

    Let's see how far I get tomorrow...

    • spikeyxxx Looks good spikey.
      I'm thinking it would look good if you made a giant crack down the side of one of those statues. 

    • @cgcookiedough That's a great idea, thank you. I didn't see any cracks in the Easter Isle statues, probably due to the material they're made of, but I think that might look really cool!

      But first I will need to concentrate on the character modelling now, but I will definitely try that in the 'polishing' stage.

  • I think they look too much like they've been simply scaled along the Z axis rather than actually carved into the rocks.  A little bit of readjusting the proportions would improve the look of the scene a lot.