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Eevee vs. Cycles - CGC Challenge #1 [WIP]

For my project, I'm going to have:

  • A computer on the desk.
  • Suzanne lying down on a pillow on a desk.
  • It will be night time.
  • The grimm reaper will be behind the Suzanne with a dialogue box thingy saying, "It's time to go... over to Eevee."
  • On the border of the image will be like the blender UI of cycles. 
  • It will have a few un-rendered boxes.
  • In the render time, it will say 3 mo. 5 days 2 hrs. 22 sec.

I had this idea a while back. haha, even before I knew about Eevee. Originally, I was thinking to just have it say, "It's time to go"

I'm going to try to give Suzanne a body. I might have it be kind of like a stick figure with just a bit more volume.