Nathan Foster (blenderrender1993)

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Work for the First CGC Challenge

My thought for this particular challenge was to have a holographic monkey head emitting from a hand - either my hand or a character's hand. This is my WIP page. 

  • The first WIP thread, nice! Cool idea too 😎 Looking forward to seeing this come to life, I'll be watching 😉 Have fun and good luck!

  • The first thing I decided to work on is the monkey. For starters, I followed Kent’s ”Hologram Shader” on Shader Forge series. That placed me in the right ballpark. Then I modified the shader – first by switching the wave texture for a Voronoi texture, and then connected a wireframe node to the Voronoi’s scale.

    While this was a good start, it still needed some tweaking. For example, there wasn’t enough transparency. I overlaid the “backfacing” and “Pointiness” portions of the geometry node, and lightened it with the brightness/contrast node. Still, it needed further tweaking.  After a few searches on YouTube, I fiddled with the options slot in the materials tab. It worked! All that needed to change was setting the blend mode to “Alpha blend.”