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Visual Scripting Live Stream Mar 6

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know the Visual Scripting live stream will start on March 6th at 12PST. Some of you may have struggled with writing out code for games, but are still interested in taking your 3d models and bringing them to life in a game. Visual Scripting is a much easier approach to programming games. 

I will be using the Bolt visual scripting system in Unity, but most visual scripting tools follow a similar setup. Unity's visual scripting is still in development and Bolt is one of the best visual scripting tools out there. I will be basing it on the Game Programming Bootcamp in order to give you a similar base of core mechanics you should learn for game development. 

If you're ready to dive into making games with visual scripting or just want to take a peek under the hood of what makes a game run then come join me on Wednesday!

 Here is the link to the event:

  • Woohoo!! I'll be there 🤘🏻😃

  • I'll take a gander!

  • Don't know if I will make it live, but will definitely catch it afterward if not.

  • crew

    Great! If there are any questions you'd like to see answered in the stream or are interested in learning something specific with visual scripting let me know. In general it'll be beginner focused to get a good base of game logic built with visual scripting. 

    • jgonzalez general game logic would be great, because that's often quite mysterious to me still. 

      And of course I'm especially interested in character movement & animations! (the exercise with the spikes comes to mind 😊)

    • crew

      ssmurfmier1985 Thanks for the feedback. Actually I was thinking about doing the exercises from the Game Programming Bootcamp in the live streams and that spikes exercise would be one of them. I'd probably simplify it a bit though as that exercise is one of the more complex ones using IK. I don't know how easy it is to use IK with Bolt so we'll see. That exercise covers a lot of things useful to general game logic such as triggers, animations, physics and even audio.

    • jgonzalez Awesome! Looking forward to it 😄

  • nice one, ill try and get home in time ;)

  • jgonzalez Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the livestream!! 😃 

    I see myself using Visual Scripting in the future for sure. Even if you need to know game logic and what everything is called before you are able to use it, for me the node-based system makes so much more sense, and visually seeing HOW things are connected makes it soooo much clearer for me how the logic works. Even if I didn't (yet!) understand everything you did, I understand a whole lot more than I did before the stream.

    If Unitys own system doesn't come for a while or if it's wonky in the beginning, then I'll be buying Bolt for sure. Worth every penny! Probably will happen pretty soon since with this tool I see myself protyping the game mechanics for my game level, as with traditional coding... not so much.

    So thank you so much for doing this stream, and looking very much forward to the next one!!! 😄

    • crew

      ssmurfmier1985 Glad you enjoyed it! Yes it can be easier to understand if you can physically see it. Once you get good at coding that visual map essentially appears in your mind, but when you first get started it can be really hard to see anything other than text.

      If there's something specific you'd like to learn in the next stream let me know!

    • jgonzalez 

      A weapon with particle effects would be cool to learn, you can never have enough of that stuff in your games 😉 guns shooting, glow / smear effects on a sword swing, magic attacks. Stuff like that.

      This livestream you did comes to mind!

      btw totally bummed that I missed that giveaway...! but I wasn't even doing 3D yet then though 😛

  • I was really impressed with your stream Gonzo. It won't be something I pursue, really have to focus on one aspect if I want to improve but it was awesome to see you bring it all together. I understand why Miranda is so excited. :)

    • crew

      3dioot Haha thanks. Miranda has been pushing for it for a while so I finally bit the bullet and covered it. Definitely want to have more visual scripting content in the future not just in live streams either. It's fun to see it all come together, it's like solving a puzzle and connecting everything together.