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Transferring Normal and UV maps from Blender to Unity

I sculpted a taco in a VR modeling program called Medium. I imported that object into Blender in order to retopologize it. I then UV mapped it and applied the UV and normal maps from the original version of the taco onto the retopologized version. 

Next I exported it as an FBX and imported it into Unity. I selected it, clicked the materials tab in the inspector and extracted the materials. The problem is that they are all just default gray materials rather than the color mapped ones from Blender. Any idea what I am doing wrong? 

Here is a dropbox link to the file I exported from Blender. 

I actually tried to simply apply the UV and Normal maps I made in Blender to the retopo'ed object in Unity and it seemed to work for the most part... I do get some odd glitches, though. Is there a step I'm doing wrong or something I should be paying closer attention to to prevent this?