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Sculpting critique


I'm a rookie from France! It's my first post although I have had a CG cookie licence for nearly 6 years...
I'm a complete newbie in sculpting. And I'm a terrible learner so far... I only watched the first 10 minutes of Kent Trammell's intro to digital sculpting and started sculpting...

And the result is of course not good... Well not too bad actually but not as good as wish...

Because my goal is of course incredibly high since I want to learn digital sculpture to sculpt busts of the people I love. My first attempt is on my youngest son (I wonder if he'll ever forgive me for that...).

I wish someone would be friendly enough to give me directions and critique on what I have done so far.

I really want to thank everyone at CG Cookie for providing with such an amazing content: I wish I was more patient...

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

  • bonjour Nicolas 

    for a newbie it looks good .  did u  start from a spheer or a base mech .?.? what knowledge do u have on anatomy , human proportions .??

    u r using just those 2 photo as references?

    C'est un bon debut ! 

    • Thanks malhomsi !
      I started from a subdivided cube. I'm using these and a front shot setup on the front view.
      I'm only getting started so my knowledge of anatomy and proportions is quite rough... 

      I think the nose is too wide now... I wonder how so scale it down...

      Thanks for your nice words!
      Have a nice day!

    • lleminilab kids have smaller face to skull ratio than adult , as a rule when sculpting faces try to get proportion right befor adding details. keep posting ur work here u may have more valuable feedback than mine 

      bon courage !

    • mmalhomsi Thank you for your input: it definitely helps! I think I will start over as soon as possible! It's weird that I based my blocking of the main features on the front view and it looks correct from that angle but incorrect in any other angle...
      Thanks a lot for your support!

  • You have a pretty good job as a beginner.