Modeling Heavy Equipment: Backhoe (Part 8) - Exploded View / Assembly Animation

Live Stream Host: Kent Trammell
  • Software:Blender 2.90  ·
  • Difficulty:Advanced

It's finally done?!

I'm 99.9999% positive we will be completely finished modeling our DOG backhoe by the time this stream broadcasts! After 7 months in the making, this is a big deal. I imagine this stream will be celebratory in nature, looking over the final model, and demoing either the modeling of the floor mat (which requires all other interior parts to be completed, or possibly exploring what an exploded-view animation could look like.

Demonstration: Exploded View / Assembly Animation

The demonstration portion of the stream explores the anatomy of an assembly animation. When we have a model as complex as this backhoe, what cooler way to show it off than seeing it "build itself" piece by piece? Though it may appear complicated, thankfully it's not too difficult to animated this kind of thing.

A CGC Community Project

This complex model is a collaborative effort between instructor and Citizen members. If you're interested in the project please jump over to the Forum Thread to learn more!

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