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  • Software:Photoshop CC  ·
  • Difficulty:Intermediate

If you want to build a solid robot, you're gonna need to create a blueprint first.

With almost all character concept art, you're going to want to create a multitude of thumbnails first to give some exploration and variety to the character. Robots in general can have exaggerated proportions with blocky shapes and forms usually serving some form of funcionality behind the design. 

In this first lesson, have fun and explore the different possibilities that can be expressed within the parameters of designing a robot! In this course, I'll be creating a robot for a FPS game and they need to be able to hold and shoot a firearm as well as run within a level. So with those two notes in mind, we can get started!

Here are also some artists that may inspire some robot creations: Spudunkey, 3A Robots

You can also download the Photoshop file below which has all the robot thumbnails on they're own layer if you want to take a closer look.