Getting Started

  • Software:Photoshop CS6  ·
  • Difficulty:Intermediate

Achieving AAA game quality characters with Blender

Pixel art has always been a love of mine. 


What you’ll learn in this course

This course is set to teach you the fundamentals of pixel art, from learning the different terms to setting up Photoshop to work specifically for pixel art. We will go through the pixel specific terms such as anti-aliasing, dithering, pillow shading, and outlining, to help better understand pixel art. From there we will take a quick look at color and how to use techniques such as hue shifting to give your work a boost in value and saturation on such a small scale. For each of the objects we will be creating (rock, tree, character) I will take a classic and modern approach to show different ways of going about the many different styles of pixel art.


The Resources included with this course

There is a lot that is covered throughout this course and the resources that you can download for yourself contain the following: 

  1. The pixel art brushes that are used throughout the course, 
  2. Custom font for quick pixel writing, 
  3. Chart explaining each of the pixel art terms, 
  4. Collection guide giving a step by step look at how to create the rock, tree, and character, 
  5. The pixel .PSD containing every pixel creation that was made during the course along with examples for you to look at, and finally 
  6. A Pixel Character Base, which you can take and create your own character to post in the gallery below