• Software:Blender 2.8x  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

It's time to download Blender!

Let’s make sure that you have the most recent version of Blender 2.8 installed! You can download Blender 2.8x from www.blender.org/download/

The download process is smooth and fast, regardless of your operating system.

When you open Blender, it should look something like this...

Before you begin: let's discuss your mouse

Blender is built around a 3-button mouse, which has a left-click, a right-click and a scroll wheel in the center.

These controls are used for navigation and are crucial for smooth use of Blender. Using a trackpad just won't give you the nimbleness and ease of use, so I'd strongly recommend that you order a good quality 3-button mouse.

If you want a bit more Blender history, here is why Blender's default selection changed from right-click to left-click with Blender 2.8 (and not everybody is happy about it).