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Controlling Player Animations

  • Software:Unity 2018  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

Let's Eat More Sheep!

Learn how to build a 3D side scrolling platform with 2D mechanics. This course will be split into two main parts, Level Design and Visual Scripting. Within the Level Design chapters you'll be building out the prefabs used to create a side scroller game. This includes:

  • Creating platform prefabs with colliders and custom layers
  • Controlling the player character with rigidbody forces and animations
  • Creating two different traps that include a shooting trap and a smashing trap
  • Playing audio FX and music throughout the game and using the audio mixer system to balance out the levels
  • Adding dynamic UI that displays the hunger meter and sheep count

This requires no knowledge of scripting but instead involves putting together the premade scripts to add functionality to various aspects of the game. You'll gain the knowledge needed to build a game using the assets provided. 

Visual Scripting with Bolt

The visual scripting section is optional  as it utilizes the Bolt paid asset. Regardless of whether you have this asset or not you'll better understand the game logic used in game by seeing the visual connections on how everything works. 

By the end of this course you'll understand what it takes to build a 2.5D side scroller game in Unity, so lets get started!

Font used in this game is called Comrade found here: https://fonts.adobe.com/fonts/comrade 

Visual Scripting system Bolt can be found here: https://ludiq.io/bolt 

Check out our past live stream event on making this game: https://cgcookie.com/live_streams/eat-more-sheep-behind-the-scenes 

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