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Brushed Metal

  • Software:Blender  ·
  • Difficulty:Advanced

Brushed metal is a common material type that you can often find in a kitchen due to the popularity of stainless steel appliances these days. Though it's also common else where like in tools, furniture, and automotive parts. With computer graphics it's frequently seen in architectural visualization and product rendering, like in the toaster render pictured to the right (using the shader built in this tutorial). The key characteristic of brushed metal is a phenomenon known as "anisotropy". This is essentially a fancy term for reflections that "stretch" across the surface of an object due to fine, uniform surface abrasions. 

In this video we will build a detailed procedural material that combines 3 essential brushed metal traits: - Anisotropic foundation using Cycles' Anisotropic BSDF - Micro abrasions with a procedural texture. - Macro scratches with a procedural bump texture.

Toaster model by Blendswap user "Printer Killer"

CC Attribution