Stylized Forest at Night

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  • splat21

    Great concept!  I especially like the silhouette of the tree in front of the moon.  I find it to be too dark to show all the details of the work you obviously put into this assignment.  There are several ways you could brighten it up.  Consider putting a Bright/Contrast node in the compositor - right before the Composite output.  Brighten up the World material - if you used Kent's tutorial as a guide, you probably have a color ramp in the World material - increase the colors' values to brighten up the whole environment.  I wouldn't think that you would have to increase it a lot to show the details in the final render.  For what it is worth, when I did this assignment I went back-and-forth a lot in changing the colors and brightness.  

  • Jakob Zimmer (jakobzimmer)

    Thanks! I agree. I did a brighter version but than the background seemed too distractive. So I choose that one. Probably there is a better way.

  • Matthew Fricker (frikkr)

    Good work . I like that you tried something different although it is maybe a little dark to see all of the details.