Chapter 4 - Squash and Stretch Arching Bounce Resubmit

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey Steve, great improvement.

    Yeah, I have more notes that can help you improve this. (animation is never finished, only abandoned haha)
    -Don't worry about the camera move, (which would be called a 'truck' in this instance). the reason for this is that without any frame of reference for the camera movement, it is going to make your spacing look wrong. So with all these animation exercises, when you are learning timing and spacing it is best to use a static and orthographic camera. That way the spacing will be exactly where YOU put it and won't be distorted by perspective or camera movement. (hope that makes sense)
    -you can start the ball rotating back to normal a little sooner as well as reducing the stretch sooner (on the way up I mean - but both sides should be the same)
    - f12 should be the same height as f08 because it's a loop that goes to the same peak.
    -f09-f11, when the 'feet' are on the ground track the exact spot the bottom of the ball is and try to make the 'feet' stick to that spot. (it's still sliding backwards a bit)
    -You can also make the vertical spacing at the top even tighter (you might need to add 2 frames to achieve this)

    -Also make sure each cycle is the same, something really weird happens on f34.

    Keep up the hard work Steve, I'm loving it!