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  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey Alex, I like the extra mile you put into this.

    You have achieved the effect, however it is a little difficult to see because of a few things.

    Here's a couple notes that will hopefully push your skills further.

    -All the colours are very similar and brown so it's difficult to see where you want the audience to look as there's not a lot of contrast.

    -At the moment, the treasure chest is at a similar distance to the back wall, so when you focus on that area, the whole wall becomes in focus.  If there was some distance between the chest and the wall, you could get the chest to be in focus while the rest is out of focus.

    -You can also add some rim lighting to the objects you want the audience to look at.  This will help separate it from the background.

    Now I say all this not that you need to redo this exercise (although feel free to do that if you like), it's to try and push you to the next level.

    Good work Alex.

  • Matthew Fricker (frikkr)

    Clever idea :)