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  • Difficulty:Intermediate

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    TRADITIONAL SCULPTORS - - Sculpt a generic female human head with a neutral/relaxed facial expression by paying attention to the correct proportions and the distinct features that differentiate the female from the male skull. Likeness to a specific person is not required, but the head has to look female.
  • 2
    The details, such as the eyes, nose, mouth and ears need to be proportionally correct to ehe size of the head, as well as placed in their correct space (eyes not too close together or too far apart etc.).
  • 3
    Upload a combination image (1 single image!) of the four views of the sculpture (front, left, right, and back view) via the Submission tab at the top.
  • 4
    DIGITAL SCULPTORS - - You can participate in this exercise, but there are a few added layers to this. To pass this exercise with a digital sculpt, take a look at the following tasks: Your primary goal - to make me believe you sculpted in clay!
  • 5
    Sculpt an anatomically correct human head
  • 6
    Texturize the final sculpt, and use appropriate lighting and rendering techniques to present me with an image that looks like a photo taken of a real, traditional clay sculpture.
  • 7
    Upload a combination image (1 single image!) of the four views of the sculpture (front, left, right, and back view) via the Submission tab at the top.
Putting Your Knowledge To The Test If you’ve finished watching the lessons of chapter two I encourage you to sculpt a female human head. To help you block out the basic shape, use this illustration and simplified schematic of the female, human skull: 3_2-Exercise_Head01 Then I want you to proceed with the techniques you’ve learned and add the eye sockets and eyes, the nose, mouth and ears. Use the reference sheet of the planar model to check for the anatomy when you get stuck, or simply review the lesson on sculpting the head. Here are two sample images for reference or a female head, but you can also work freely. 3_2-Exercise_Head03   The Goal The main goal of this exercise is to get the proportions right. Are the eyes where they are supposed to be; what about the sapce between the bottom of the nose and the eyes, are the ears large enough etc. The secondary goal is to sculpt the head in a more feminine way, meaning you will need softer curves in the jaw- and brow-line as opposed to the male. Once you’re finished submit an image that shows your sculpture from all four sides; front, left, right and the back, in a large enough format so that the details are visible and I will give you feedback. If you get stuck or have any questions in between, please use the Questions tab at the top to pose the question and I will get back to you as soon as I can!