Shape Challenge IV

  • Software:Photoshop CS6  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    Download and open the practice worksheet for this exercise.
  • 2
    Practice exploring your imagination by creating winter themed characters in the given shapes.
  • 3
    Submit your work for this exercise under the "submissions" tab!


  Like said in the previous shape challenge, this is a fundamental exercise that forces creativity from a given limitation. It allows the artist to explore their own abilities and showcase how they interpret each shape. While it's important to fill in the different outlines completely, it's equally important to not force anything to fit the outline and have the form make sense.


This shape challenge the theme is going to be preparing for winter! We would love to see what the community can create with the idea of scarfs, winter hats, and maybe ski goggles?! Below is the practice worksheet that you can download! You can find this on the "Downloads" tab under the header image near the top of this exercise! Exercise_32_ShapeChallengeIV


To explore your current abilities and how you interpret each given outline creatively. Do not force something to fit within the shape. THAT is the challenge. Think creatively and give each section of the outline purpose. You can check out previous entires on the below exercise pages to see examples of finished submissions that worked and those that did not work. It is a fun challenge so challenge yourself but don't exhaust your concept. If it won't fit within the given outline, try something else.


  Hope you guys were challenged by this exercise and warmed up to the idea of using random shapes to create concepts! This was a tough one and I used a lot of articles of clothing to fill in the shape edges and it's been fun seeing you guys get creative with filling in the nooks and crannies. Below is my result of the shape challenge and below are some of the best from the submissions exercise_32_results__shape_challenge_iv_by_conceptcookie-d88ry5d When you finish the exercise, remember to submit the result to the "Submissions" tab near the top of this exercise. You can see other submissions alongside your own!