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Building Custom Enemies

  • Software:Unity 5.4  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    Create a custom ground and flying enemy that utilizes pathfinding and waypoints
  • 2
    Provide a visual indication of enemy health with UI and particle systems
  • 3
    Include a death state either in the form of an animation or particle effect


In the "Developing a Tower Defense Game" course we created a series of enemies. Two were ground based, and one was a flying drone. Each utilized their own navigation system. Now it's your turn to get creative by creating two new enemies. One will be utilizing the pathfinding system, the other using the waypoints.  

Creating Two Enemies

In the tower defense game we have two ground based enemies and one flying enemy. You goal is to create two more enemies for a total of 5 enemies that will be spawned in. One will be a ground based enemy the other flying. This process should be relatively easy but will allow you the freedom to create your own custom models for these enemy characters. They will operate just like the other enemies, so ground based enemies will use a navmeshagent to navigate, and the flying enemy will use the custom waypoint system. These enemies must be detected by the weapons included. Both enemies will be spawned in just like the others and share similarities including a health ring, damage smoke system, and lastly an explosion sequence either in the form of an animation, particle system, or both.  Lets see what you can create! 

Instructor Notes

Below is the finished example of how I created my enemies and implemented them into the game