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Building an Obstacle Tower

  • Software:Unity 5.4  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    Build obstacle tower from prop models provided
  • 2
    Obstacle tower should block enemy path and placed on specific tiles
  • 3
    Must include a button to select and purchase this new obstacle tower


Now that you've been through the "Developing a Tower Defense Game" course you should have a good understanding of how to recreate your own custom "tower", in this case being an obstacle tower. You will be building an obstacle that will prevent the enemy from entering through a specific path that you designate. This can be a series of crates, one big crate, or a combination of crates and canisters. This obstacle will ideally be far more expensive to purchase than the turret based towers, but will also be a key strategic object to place to completely block a path from being used. 

Don't Forget the Button

Once you've created the obstacle based tower you also need to ensure that you create a button for it, ideally with an image or something specific to let the player know what will be placed down. Add this to your other buttons similar to the turrets and next to the fast forward button as well as such 

Add an Obstacle Tile

Lastly ensure that you have a proper place for these obstacles to be placed. These should have specific "tiles" that we can use to place these towers down and should be different enough to be distinguished from the "turret rings" used to placed down all the other turrets. Place these tiles in areas where a the enemy will be completely blocked off from going down that way. If the enemy can get around your obstacle, then it isn't much of an obstacle. 

Instructors Notes

Below is a video explaining the completed process of creating this obstacle. If you'd like to see how this obstacle works in game you can try the web version of Portalethium. Have fun with this exercise and when you're done creating your obstacle create a Web GL build then upload it by clicking the Submit Your Exercise  button at the top right.