Directing The Camera in Blender

In this Blender course about directing a camera, learn about real-world physics about how cameras work, concepts from still photography as well as cinematography - and get to practice the essential camera techniques.
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Let's Make Your Own Blender Blender short film!

Ready? Making a Blender short is a mammoth task, with many different steps -- in many different areas of filmmaking. 

One area that you just need to get right: the camera! 

Without knowing what you're doing, your movie quality will suffer -- and you'll quickly go from Spielberg to Spiel-blargh

Learn How the Camera Works in Blender

In this Blender course, you’ll learn about some real-world physics about how cameras work in Blender.

In 12 easy-to-follow lessons, we'll cover the essential concepts from still photography as well as cinematography. 

You'll master the terminology that professional use (no, not every camera movement is a "pan"!)  and, of course, you'll channel your inner Hitchcock and get a chance to practice the right techniques, hands on.

Let's learn the Camera rules - Before we break them

Chapter 1: Learn Camera Theory the Fun Way (with famous movie examples)

  • different camera moves
  • types of camera angles
  • what shots to use and when
  • camera lenses: do they matter? (Spoiler: yes.)

Rack focus is used to draw your viewer's attention to where you want it.

Chapter 2: Camera in Blender (all the settings you need to know)

Time to learn more about the camera specifically in Blender.

  • What's typical about the Blender camera?
  • How to set up a Blender camera rig
  • How to composit your short
  • All about the famous '180 degree rule' 

In this section, we'll also get hands-on practice with an exercise that will challenge you to create a dramatic dolly zoom effect. 

Chapter 3: Practice Using your Blender Camera (Graded exercises)

More exercises! Because you can never get too much practice...

  • Create a tilt-shift effect
  • Rack focus: guide your viewer's eye
  • Create a camera shake
  • Create a hand-held camera effect

Hand-held camera effect in Blender

Chapter 4: Useful Camera Tips

Before we wrap up...

  • apply realistic motion blur
  • use alternate camera rigs
  • BONUS: a handful of practical tips!

Learn these things before you jump into your own Blender movie - and achieve a much, much better result.

So what are you waiting for? Press play!

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