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Unity Exercises - a.k.a. Stuff to do!

Submitting and grading Exercises is a great way to test your knowledge gained and while giving feedback to fellow artists
  • Life Size AR Hologram

    Life Size AR Hologram

  • Dynamic Health Bar

    Dynamic Health Bar

  • Creating a Fixed Turret

    Creating a Fixed Turret

  • Animated Spike Traps

    Animated Spike Traps

  • Creating Custom Snowflakes

    Creating Custom Snowflakes

  • Dynamic Snow Accumulation

    Dynamic Snow Accumulation

  • Flickering Hologram Shader

    Flickering Hologram Shader

  • Nightvision Shader Scopes

    Nightvision Shader Scopes

  • Lighting a Bedroom in Unity

    Lighting a Bedroom in Unity

  • Create Realistic Particle FX

    Create Realistic Particle FX

  • Build a Modular Tower Defense Level

    Build a Modular Tower Defense Level

  • Building Custom Enemies

    Building Custom Enemies

  • Building an Obstacle Tower

    Building an Obstacle Tower

  • Creating Magnetism

    Creating Magnetism

  • Animation Triggers

    Animation Triggers