Visiting the Harold Washington Library

Another week, another library visit! This time, we made our way to the Harold Washington Library in Chicago. Our courageous community ambassador Charlie Williams introduced a group of Blender beginners to modeling for 3D print.

What is Charlie's approach to teaching modeling to beginners?

"During the limited time we have in these workshops, I want to make sure the participants learn skills they can build on and use in the future for any type of modeling project," explains Charlie. For Charlie, there are 5 key commands: 1. Extrude 2. Scale 3. Insert an edge loop 4. Bevel 5. Control the edges These commands make the foundation of modeling and are a great foundation to build on. Charlie also teaches the workshop participants how to move and rotate, as well as navigation hotkeys. In essence, this is all that new users need to learn to create their own simple model. The workshop was joined by a friend of CG Cookie, Daniel Ordonez from BlenderWorld. Daniel was inspired by the workshop's topic and proceeded to create a chess pawn model of his own...and it's a beauty!  
Want to brush up on your basic modeling skills? Check out our introductory-level course on Mesh Modeling Fundamentals, or start from the very beginning with Blender Basics. Featured image by Wonderlane

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