The Transformer Has Landed!

It is done! A few weeks ago, we brought you a story about a dad sharing his passion for Blender with his daughter's elementary school class in the UK. Now, the 3D Movie School Club  has completed its mission; the transformer has been brought to the school playground, with a little help from CG Cookie and Richard van der Oost. transformer2 The project’s aim was to involve the children in the process of  creating a 3D movie, with visual effects and animation – including getting to make some of the 3D animated items themselves. kids3 The “world premiere” was a glittering affair, restricted exclusively by invitation only to parents, teachers and pupils at the Leaver’s Assembly. Luckily for the rest of us, the full movie is available on YouTube so make sure to check it out: the transformer action begins at around the 3-minute mark. The movie finishes with the children's names exploding in 3D.
Huge props go to Pete Dakin who conceived of the project, coached the children throughout the 8-week program and created the final movie. CG Cookie is honored to have been with him on his journey and we expect to see great things from this group of future CG artists.
UPDATE: Pete is actively looking for UK-based Blender coaches to help him spread the projects to other schools; if you are interested, make sure to contact Pete via his site! For behind-the-scenes stories, visit the project's official website at or catch the latest news on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Thomas Robb (captainrex)

    Wow, so grate to see young people excited about blender and 3D : )

    Thanks for the update!



  • Ryan Sweeney (sweenist)

    Well that was wicked cool! There is evidently a thing emerging where 3D modeling and animation is being taught or being figured out how to be taught to young ones. Very cool! Very cool, indeed!

  • Grady Pruitt (gradyp)

    That was so awesome!

    My oldest son just started Boy Scouts this year, and when they were looking for merit badge counselors, one popped up that immediately intrigued me. A brand new merit badge this year called Animation :D I've already gotten the book that the boys would be getting, and it's a pretty good little primer. It even mentions, and has images, from a few Open Source movies and a little programs folks around here have heard of... Blender :D And yes, even with my limited (at this point) skills in this area, I immediately signed up. (Just waiting to hear back on if I'm approved :D )

    Not only that, but a conversation with another leader in the troop who is a drama teacher centered around doing just what was done with these guys here. The more I'm thinking about it... While my skills in this area are still limited, I bet I could still coach them through something like this.

    Thanks for sharing this great video!

  • crew
    Pavla Karon (pkaron)

    Wow, Boy Scouts are clearly becoming cooler than ever - love the Animation badge! If you would like me to put you in touch with Pete Dakin who ran the 3D Movie School Club, let me know - I'm sure he would be very happy to exchange some insights on coaching the kids.

  • Forrest Harless (forrest-harless)

    That's great!
    It is nice to see young ones learning the craft!!
    I'm just getting started with a small business, based on niche photography! I'll be inserting live subjects into 3d environments! Kinda the same thing. Only in reverse! ;)

  • crew
    Pavla Karon (pkaron)

    Forrest, that sounds really interesting - we would love to see some examples of your work!

  • edrift3d

    Wow, this was great. Such a cool project for the kids and really gratifying to see them get so excited about it. What a great program!!

  • Jonathan (dustwave)

    Love to see kids learning, improving themselves and their personal skills. It's crazy what they can do when they work hard.

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