Nick Haskins Joins the Crew

A Bearded Avenger has joined the cookie crew

A few weeks ago we put out a job listing for a full-time web developer here on CG Cookie and on the We Work Remotely board. We received over forty applicants! Several of these really stood out but there was one that instantly caught our attention. Nick Haskins, also known as the Bearded Avenger, sent us a cover letter with these few words:

I am a...


inline slalom skating,

squirrel hunting,

unicorn loving,

wine drinking,

hippie programmer.

I am also the dough to your cookie; and you knead me.

And with that, we had to talk with the guy. Turns out he's a pretty great dude that knows his stuff and we're happy to welcome him to the team! He is the guy that'll be largely responsible for doing cool things on the front-end of the site and making sure all the cogs are turning nicely.

He's already been improving the site and working on new features for the last two weeks. There's a lot of exciting improvements coming down the pipe and we'll be sharing them with you all soon. Stay tuned!

- Jonathan

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