CG Cookie builds a new home on Mavenseed (and you can, too!)

If you've been with CG Cookie for a while, you may know that the site has undergone a lot of transformations.

And while not all change is for the best (here's looking at you, Sméagol) we are planning a major one this year.

CG Cookie will be moving to our Mavenseed platform

Our story in a nutshell: we've grown CG cookie from a WordPress blog-style site to our own online school (and it was quite the journey).

The next step is moving CG Cookie to Mavenseed, our own platform built for hosting digital content.

This is a huge change for us and a huge improvement for you.

First of all - don't panic! All of the CG Cookie content you know and love will stay the same, it's just getting a new (and better) home.

So what's Mavenseed actually all about? Here are 4 things you need to know.

#1 The guys behind CG Cookie = the guys behind Mavenseed. 

Namely, CG Cookie co-founders Wes and Jonathan, with our head engineer Nick. 

We've all worked together for years to build CG Cookie. Each time the content got too big for its house, we built it a new one. 

Now, the time has come for the final move - to CG Cookie's very own platform, Mavenseed.

Nick built Mavenseed from scratch in Ruby on Rails so he is truly the master of puppets in this show.

#2 CG Cookie is the ghost, Mavenseed is the shell 

Mavenseed provides a content housing platform that we are going to pour all of CG Cookie's "stuff" into.

CG Cookie is the sum of our videos, user accounts, forum posts and the hustle and bustle happening on the inside. Mavenseed is the platform that ensures everything runs smoothly and safely.

When is the move to Mavenseed going to happen? 

While a final date hasn't been confirmed yet, it's going to happen this year. There's still lots to do, and migrating the data of 100,000+ users with neat-Pentagon-level security is no easy task.

But when it goes down, it's going to be truly worth the wait, because...

#3 Mavenseed + CG Cookie = ❤️ 

Once we are housed on Mavenseed, CG Cookie will be slicker, faster and more user-friendly than ever before.

Benefits for the people behind the scenes (like our Blender instructors Jonathan, Kent and Wayne) are faster content creation and upload and more autonomy with how they want to present their training.

For you, this means an even better presentation of courses and tutorials, easier navigation and ultimately a smoother learning experience.

#4 Mavenseed can host your digital content, too

Hey - we're happy to share! You can use Mavenseed to house your digital content, too.

That's the big picture of Mavenseed: it's a selling platform for independent creators like us...or you.

Should you sell your digital content on Mavenseed?

Yep, it's not just for CG Cookie.

Mavenseed can become a home for whatever content you may want to sell online.

For digital artists, this means anything from an e-book to a digital download (like a digital asset or plugin). 

Or from a video course to a series of building your own online school, like yours truly!

"Wait... I thought Blender Market is the best place to sell my digital downloads?"

This is 100% true for Blender assets, plugins or models. 

The reason: Blender Market gives you direct access to 1000's of Blender users looking for new resources, a.k.a Marketplace effect. 👍

Plus, the setup time on Blender Market is minimal, because you're only adding your products to an existing marketplace

Mavenseed, in contrast, is for selling any other digital content, not specifically made for Blender. 

For Blender-focused creators with fewer products, we still recommend Blender Market as your go-to.

For creators who want to branch out of the Blender community, Mavenseed is an awesome new option.

To all of CG Cookie community, Mavenseed is getting ready to welcome all of us in our new home!

To all of you creators that are building a business around digital content, Mavenseed is for you.

Join Mavenseed for free today at 

Mavenseed is built by the same team that brought you CG Cookie and Blender Market. Our focus is on creating sustainable businesses that put people first and create a positive impact on our communities. 

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  • Omar Domenech (dostovel)

    CG Cookies is the dough, Mavenseed is the oven | CG Cookie is the oven, Mavenseed is the kitchen | CG Cookie is the kitchen, Mavenseed is the house | Mavenseed is the house, CG Cookie is the people inside.

    I trust you kids with the keys to the house, but just for the record, I have 14,777xp

  • Matthew Fricker (frikkr)

    Wow great news , I can't wait to see this happen.
    *NOTE : Read up- I think there is a mistake here : Learn how to start selling on Mavenseed in minutes (and why it's a smart choice)

  • crew
    Pavla Karon (pkaron)

    frikkr Thank you, Matthew!

  • Mark Smith (me1958424)

    looking forward to this as well!!

  • Matt Dickun (az93)

    That is exciting news.

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