Announcing the CG Cookie Community!

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CG Cookie has always been community based. From all the users actively engaged with the tutorials and courses to our strong social following to all of our incredible Citizen members (who, quite literally, make this site possible). We would not be here today without you, the community. I'm happy to announce that we're taking another step in bringing our community closer together. Not only are we working to improve the interaction between you and the Cookie Crew, but also to allow all members of the community to have a voice and to engage with one another. No matter if your interest lies with Blender or Unity, with concept art or sculpting, or even the Blender Market. Now you have a voice on the official CG Cookie Community!
Join the forums! Simply login with your existing CG Cookie username.
The forums are powered by Discourse, which is a much more modern take on forum software that allows a much more fluid experience with better interaction. It may feel a bit alien at first, particularly if you're accustomed to more standard forums, but give it some time and you'll be comfortable in no time.

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